Office of the Secretary

Patricia Marruffo- Executive Secretary

Secretariat’s Office

The executive secretary is part of the administrative team of Southeastern California Conference. The Secretariat’s office seeks to support the growth of healthy, disciple-making churches by empowering and equipping pastors and churches to create spaces that nurture Christ-like stewards, practical creativity, helpful collaboration, grace-filled accountability, and transformational learners.

How We Serve:

The Office of Southeastern California Conference Secretariat provides support in the following areas:


  • Reviews and recommends the development of local church organizations to the Conference Executive Committee, such as branch Sabbath Schools, affiliate groups, companies, and churches.
  • Countersigns documents, credentials and licenses that require Executive Secretary’s signature.
  • Supports the work of local church clerks in relation to membership transfers, baptism, Professions of Faith, etc.
  • Maintains records of SECC Constituency Sessions, conference Executive Committees as well as all conference proceedings
  • Manages and compiles membership statistical data

Church Support

  • Participation in pastor ordination and installation services
  • Provides oversight and support to pastors and laity in church plant initiatives
  • Counsel and support to pastors and local church leadership on policy matters
  • Support to church clerks in the use of eAdventist
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